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Expression of interest process opens for co-design and advisory groups

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The Drive Partnership has opened an expression of interest process for organisations, individuals and experts by experience who would like to work alongside us to co-develop culturally-specific responses to perpetrators of domestic abuse within racialised communities and support the development of cultural competency in practice across the broader behaviour-change sector.

As part of a new grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, we are seeking to build equitable partnerships which address a current lack of specialist provision within racialised communities, as well as cultural competency within mainstream services.

Our approach

We acknowledge that partnerships between large, white-led organisations and by-and-for organisations are often problematic, partly due to the unbalanced power dynamics. Our approach to identifying and developing partnerships will therefore:

  • Build on what we have learnt from previous experience on what a good, equitable, partnership would look like.
  • Develop long-term relationships that are reciprocal, non-extractive and challenge power dynamics relevant in many existing partnerships.
  • Ensure flexibility in timelines, recognising limited back-office capacity due to underfunding, and stepping-in to provide support when appropriate.
  • Support by-and-for organisations to have a ‘seat at the table’, amplify their work, and shift power and influence to grassroots organisations.

What is our ask?

  1. We are seeking members for two Co-Design Groups (one developing responses within Black communities and the second within South Asian communities) to develop culturally specific responses to perpetrators of Domestic Abuse.
  2. We are also seeking members for an Advisory Group to support on the development of a Cultural Competency Toolkit, alongside providing guidance on a broader advocacy role for The Drive Partnership.

Full remuneration is offered to members of each of the groups (excluding generic perpetrator delivery providers who join the Advisory Group). The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 8th September 2023.

Further information is available in the guidance document here.  If you or your organisation are interested in working with us, please complete the form here.