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Restart is an innovative pilot project providing earlier intervention for families at risk of experiencing domestic abuse. It brings together children’s social care, housing and domestic abuse services to identify and respond to patterns of harmful behaviour at an earlier stage. Restart is currently being delivered in five London Boroughs.

Restart identifies and responds to those causing harm at an earlier stage by bringing together children’s social care, housing teams and specialist domestic abuse services.

Our Impact

“I feel with Restart, it’s like you’re talking to another human being, not just a number, whereas dealing with a social worker, you feel like you’re just another case that they need to finish.” Victim-Survivor. 

The Restart project launched in 2021 and is a collaboration between The Drive Partnership, the Mayor of London’s Office for Police and Crime, Respect and Cranstoun. It is currently being delivered in Camden, Croydon, Havering, Sutton and Westminster.

The project aims to increase safety for families by providing one-to-one interventions with the parent causing harm to challenge and change their abusive behaviour, whilst ensuring safety and support for the non-abusive parent. Restart incorporates an innovative new housing approach by seeking alternative, diversionary accommodation for the perpetrator of abuse, led by wishes of the victim, enabling child and adult victims to remain safe at home.

Restart builds on the vital foundation of providing Safe & Together training and ongoing support for Children’s Social Care and Housing professionals to improve their ability and confidence to identify and respond more effectively to parents causing harm.