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Challenging harmful behaviour. Stopping domestic abuse.

The Drive Partnership, formed by Respect, SafeLives and Social Finance, is working to transform the national response to perpetrators of domestic abuse.

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Our mission

We are working to end domestic abuse and protect victims by disrupting, challenging, and changing the behaviour of those who are causing harm.

The Drive Project

Is our flagship intervention working with high-harm, high-risk and serial perpetrators of domestic abuse to prevent their abusive behaviour and protect victims.

Changing systems and policy

We advocate for systems and policy change - to develop sustainable, national systems that respond more effectively to all perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Hear Helen's Story

Content warning – this video contains descriptions and discussion of domestic abuse.

Everything we do at The Drive Partnership is about making victims and survivors safer. But increasingly, services are protecting victims of domestic abuse by challenging the behaviour of perpetrators. We believe that together we need to shift the narrative from “Why doesn’t she leave?” to “Why doesn’t he stop?”.

Find out more about our approach by watching Helen’s Story.


"Without this work, we know that domestic abuse perpetrators will continue to enter new relationships, create more victims, and expose more children to harmful abusive behaviours. It's about ending abuse for the victims of today - but also the victims of tomorrow."

"Despite what I've been through, I don't wish [the perpetrator] harm. I would like for them to get help and for something to be put in place to protect other women."