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The Drive Partnership shares refreshed brand identity

Two overlapping triangles, one pink and one green, adding visual interest, and contrasting colors to the background.

The Drive Partnership has today unveiled a refreshed brand identity.

The Drive Partnership – Respect, Safelives and Social Finance- has come together since 2015 with the shared aim of transforming the national response to perpetrators of domestic abuse. Together we developed the flagship Drive Project to address a gap in work with high-harm, high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse. We have also been successfully advocating for systems and policy change – to develop sustainable, national systems that keep victims safe by responding more effectively to all perpetrators of domestic abuse.

To better reflect a growing scope for our work, alongside our fundamental identity as a partnership endeavour, we have decided that now is the right time to unveil a refreshed brand for The Drive Partnership.

This new brand identity captures the essence of our partnership between Respect, SafeLives, and Social Finance, by combining the brand colours of each organisation into one cohesive whole: each chevron in our new logo represents an organisation in the partnership, combining to make a new shape that symbolises our collaborative approach and drive forward for change. Alongside the new logo, we have adopted a fresh colour palette made up of Respect’s green, SafeLives’ pink, and Social Finance’s black brand colours.

We will, however, continue to use elements of our previous branding, as distinct identities for our two ground-breaking interventions – The Drive Project and Restart:

The Drive Partnership logo with a faint line dividing from the bottom. Our Projects: Drive Project logo and Restart logo.

As part of our rebranding efforts, we have also launched a new website that offers a more seamless and user-friendly experience. We invite you look around our new website, where you can learn more about our work and explore our resources for professionals working in this sector. You can also keep up to date with us via Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Whilst our appearance may have changed, The Drive Partnership remains dedicated to our collective mission: working to end domestic abuse and protect victims by disrupting, challenging, and changing the behaviour of those who are causing harm. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more exciting news on our future plans and priorities, so do check back here for updates.