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Responding to perpetrators of domestic abuse in children’s social care settings

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Research in Practice and the Drive Partnership have launched a series of new resources for children’s social care which focus on working with families in which there is a perpetrator of domestic abuse.

The Drive Partnership seeks to improve responses to perpetrators of domestic violence and/or abuse (DVA) across England and Wales. It also aims to ensure that all services and systems hold perpetrators of domestic abuse to account and work to challenge and change behaviour in order to increase safety for adult and child victims and survivors. This includes working with services such as the police, the probation service, courts, health and social care to enable a culture change.

To help bring about this change within children’s social care, the Drive Partnership has worked with Research in Practice to support practice development. Together they have produced resources including:

  • Rapid literature review summary report of research in approaches to working with perpetrators of domestic abuse within families
  • Strategic briefing for strategic leaders and managers in children’s social care looking to improve the response to perpetrators of DVA
  • Podcast with Dez Holmes, Jo Todd, Kyla Kirkpatrick and Dr Olumide Adisa discussing the evidence base around domestic violence and abuse, perpetration, and the interface with children’s social care.