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Commissioning guidance- Responding to perpetrators of domestic abuse

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Commissioning guidance- Responding to perpetrators of domestic abuse

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This guide will support areas to develop and expand responses to perpetrators of domestic abuse in England and Wales. The UK Government’s Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan highlights the government’s intention to target perpetrators to prevent ‘first-time, repeat and serial offending’. The plan highlights the cultural shift towards tackling domestic abuse at its root cause, rather than shifting blame or responsibility onto victim-survivors. Included is Home Office funding of £75m over three years for behaviour change interventions research and evaluation, supported by a set of national principles and standards. This is the first multi-year funding of its kind for perpetrator work.

In this context, the domestic abuse perpetrator sector is expanding quickly and local commissioners have expressed interest in guidance to benefit from these funding opportunities and to commission safe, appropriate perpetrator interventions. Local areas will also need to respond to the upcoming national perpetrator strategy.

Respect, Safelives and Social Finance have worked with five PCCs in 2021/2022 to support them to strengthen their responses to perpetrators of DA. This project confirmed common areas of needs for external support.

This guide has been designed primarily for PCC and LA commissioners, although other funders might also benefit from this information.