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Call to Action: A Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Strategy for England And Wales

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Call to action- A Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Strategy for England and Wales

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In April 2021, following the campaigning of over 125 expert organisations and individuals through the Call to Action, the government set itself a legal requirement to publish a strategic approach to perpetrators within a year.

Attention now moves to what must be inside the strategy and how it will sit alongside comprehensive services for all victims and survivors. Investments are needed for both victim and perpetrator work – it should never be either/or. We need interventions that respond to all risk levels. ​

Below are the 5 key elements we believe form the basis of a sustainable and effective perpetrator strategy.

Five Key Elements of a Perpetrator Strategy ​

Multi-Agency Working

Criminal justice system and other public and voluntary services trained and working effectively together to hold perpetrators to account.​

Availability & Awareness

Proven interventions for all perpetrators available everywhere; and education to prevent and raise awareness of abusive behaviours.

Quality-Assured Interventions

Regulation to ensure all programmes are high-quality and safe; and ongoing research to evaluate what we are doing.


A perpetrator strategy requires funding, but done well, it will save money in policing, justice and health costs.


Including an explicit role for the Domestic Abuse  Commissioner to oversee responses to perpetrators.